Upravit stránku

Sale of new and second-hand metal-working and forming machines includes also complete provision of services, repairs of machines, and technologies. We provide warranty and post-warranty service for the full range of aforementioned machines.

Concerning the aforementioned machines, we provide a single revision, or, on the basis of a long-term contract, also regular and routine maintenance. We can arrange complete overhaul of your machines with our contractors. As a specialty, our company offers professional balancing and geometry of machines using laser including issuance of a certificate of precision.

We provide services according to magnitude of the action, and according to customer’s needs; telephone and personal consultancy concerning a problem is standard. Time and extent of the repair are stipulated via order. Our goal is to fulfill orders within the shortest possible time.

Repairs are carried out in full according to a prearranged schedule. Repairs exceeding the agreed extent are possible to carry out by agreement. Repairs and service of machines are necessary to order in writing; consultancy by phone is possible. A written form is an electronically sent or possibly faxed order.


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