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The company DARO HANDEL, s.r.o. was established in 2002.

Our principal activity concerns full supply of engineering technologies directly into factories; we trade in metal-working and forming machines, both in new machines and second-hand ones, too. Thanks to many years of experience and good business contacts machines supplied by us work almost all over the world.

Most of our customers work in fields with high demands concerning applied technologies such as automobile or military industry.

Our services include consulting and arranging for financial leasing of machines.

As a matter of course we provide high-quality service for new machines as well as for the second-hand ones including supply of spare parts, too. We are able to supply machines inclusive of their dismounting, shipping, mounting, putting into operation, and training of operators.

As a specialty, our company offers professional balancing and geometry of machines using laser, and issuance of a certificate of precision.

Full services include consignment sale, dismounting and possibly subsequent mounting, shifting within a plant, washing and preservation, and storage. According to the customer’s request we can ensure seaworthy packing, loading, shipping, and customs formalities, too.


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